Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm back to blog again!!

Hey ya blog,

After been sleeping for 2 years since 2011, I've finally here to continue my blog again.. first of all updates from my previous status..

2011 after internship until September 2011 - I've joined my internship company SQC Management Sdn Bhd

2012 - End of August - resigned from SQC to further studies - thanks for the best memories in SQC - Ms Khor, Vanessa Tan, Mdm Tang, Eddick, Jadey, Su Theng, Woan Ping and also my boss.

2012 - September - stepped into UUM once again for my studies - Master of Education in Educational Psychology.

2013 - currently semester 2 in UUM.. knew some of my roommate (Yu Ting)'s friends such as Bee Kim, Phei Tze, Yi Zhen, Bao Jie, Cindy, Cai Wen and Zhen Zhen.

Aiyo paiseh lor to be the senior to them.. but anyway.. thanks again for being my roommate Yu Ting!!

=sue sue=

Monday, May 30, 2011


Dear Fantasy (Name of this blog),

Sorry for not updating you for such a long time.. hope you do forgive me for my laziness and all sort of excuses that I could come out with.. anyway uni life has came to an end and internship starts soon.. my internship is around 4 months which are 1st June to 30th Sept.. so within this 4 months hope I could learn as much as possible and completed my report in time.. and also I do hope I could attend to my senior's convocation to meet up with them for the last time before we parted in our own ways.. in this 3 years in UUM.. tonnes of memories were created.. tears and joys within the 355 gangz.. gonna miss the moment we spent together during uni life..

No more playing cards or Lami anymore.. No more making jokes and toying around with moo moo.. no more high pitch voice from mimi.. no more sound of laughter from everyone.. missed the moment..

But hope we'll keep in touch and good luck for intern ^_^ and those who are gonna graduate soon.. congrats.. till then we'll keep in touch again dear Fantasy..

=sue sue=

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UUM-Osaka University Cultural Day!!

Hello everyone!! Been such a long time since I last pen down my details.. been busy with a lot of stuff recently.. *trying to find excuses* haha.. anyway so long tihis is the second time japanese came over to UUM.. very happy indeed.. had lots of fun by playing games.. but feel inferior when going to talk to them... too formal japanese and some words.. not really sure how to use them.. hahax.. but anyway.. had a lot of fun.. hope to meet some day ^_^ these are the few photos..

Some awesome gals
With Ogata Masaki-san
With a cute gal
Makki and Yusuke duo
Lastly, Eddick's friend Joe (non-Japanese ^_^)

Hope to have tonnes of fun next time ^_^


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Japan Festival at UUM 5th Oct 2010

Wooden Doll
Cute wooden doll

Under the umbrella
Kimono's shoe
Sitting on the tatami
Handicraft - Bunny
Handicraft - card
Tea ceremony's table preparation
Utensils used for tea ceremony
Kimono model
Yukata style
Flower arranging

Japan Festival held since 2pm till 5pm... lots of stations to be seen but sadly not much to see every of them... there consist of 6 stations which are tea ceremony, kimono dressing, flower arranging, handicraft, origami and japan's corner.. had so much fun and yet a little time.. too bad can't managed to wear the yukata due to too many people lining up... kesian the Japanese whom helped them wear... aiyayaya... it was a successful event ^_^

=sue sue=

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to UUM

Been at UUM for a week plus d... times seems to be long and yet so short...
Had a splendid mooncake festival celebration this year...
Went around our campus with the lights from the lantern and street lights..
The moon was bright too on that day!!
Last but not least, tonnes of assignments to be done..
And so were mid exam, quiz, presentation all rushing in as one more month to go before finalz came by..
Will start my final exam on the 10th of Nov...
Ganbatte me!!! hahax...

=sue sue=

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Suppose to blog this after I came back..

An experience happened on 2nd Sept 2010... Happily my class canceled on 11am therefore I go back room after having lunch with my baby... then happily packing stuff, bathing, sweeping floor, playing games while waiting for the time to pass... 5.45pm has arrived and me and "aunty" went to DKG 1 to catch our bus together with my baby... then as time goes by saying that 6.30 is our bus... we waited till 7pm and took turns to called the person in charge along the way... cause I don't wanna do it all the time... muahahahaha... forgive me for my selfishness...

Then we happen to know that we are suppose to board the bus as it was parking right in front of us... aiya... say earlier ma.... ask u time u say bus coming... we took turns to call every 10 mins k... apa ni??!!! nevermind we board the bus... and there is only 3 of us left at bus stop at that moment... we sense something was wrong therefore we called that fella non stop only we found out that we're suppose to board the bus.. so in the bus we fallen asleep and then the bus did stop at a place for them to bukak puasa... den we continue sleeping...

As usual we thought that they will stop their bus at only 2 places, which are seberang prai and butterworth.... first stop is finally here we didn't ask nor give a damn as the norms we knew is that way.... den when it starts moving... slowly the bus turns to every bukit mertajam's route... OMG what the hell is this??!!! I saw GIANT along the way.. I was thinking bayan baru GAINT??!!! so good meh??!! then I look hard it was not the usual way we used to see... SHIT!! what to do... eddick ask the bus driver and we only knew that we've missed the stop to butterworth.. which are the 1st stop.. eddick quickly called his friend whom stayed at bukit mertajam to ask him what can we do to get back butterworth...

Well, luck came to our way as eddick's friend told him that we should stopped at the bukit mertajam mall... we happen to just past by there... yes!! we're out... lucky we did ask if not what if we stucked at terminal bukit mertajam?!?!! nevermind we ask around then we reach rapid's bus stop.. lucky there is only one bus to butterworth... we seated and waited for the bus driver to move.. paid RM2 for the ride.. then each one's family called and some blasted them with questions.. on why we didn't ask the one whom got down at the 1st place... if we would we wouldn't ended up here at the 1st place.. and we expected to reach penang by 9.30pm... but we reach penang by 11.30 instead... sweat... we some more scared that we might miss the last ferry... hahax... what a day!! me and aunty smiled and say we should blog this out.. hahax...

Then after that, me and family plus my baby go mam mam at Mc D before heading back home... thanks baby for everything and never ending supports... If weren't for you we.... don't think about bad stuff anymore.. ^_^ now had reach at penang safe and sound..

Been a week at penang already... another one week to go.. hope to fully utilized the time before i head back UUM for serious studies.. strive on!!!

=sue sue=