Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm back to blog again!!

Hey ya blog,

After been sleeping for 2 years since 2011, I've finally here to continue my blog again.. first of all updates from my previous status..

2011 after internship until September 2011 - I've joined my internship company SQC Management Sdn Bhd

2012 - End of August - resigned from SQC to further studies - thanks for the best memories in SQC - Ms Khor, Vanessa Tan, Mdm Tang, Eddick, Jadey, Su Theng, Woan Ping and also my boss.

2012 - September - stepped into UUM once again for my studies - Master of Education in Educational Psychology.

2013 - currently semester 2 in UUM.. knew some of my roommate (Yu Ting)'s friends such as Bee Kim, Phei Tze, Yi Zhen, Bao Jie, Cindy, Cai Wen and Zhen Zhen.

Aiyo paiseh lor to be the senior to them.. but anyway.. thanks again for being my roommate Yu Ting!!

=sue sue=

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